Keep Your Kitchen Safe with a Smart Stove Monitor

Stovetop Shield is a smart stove monitor that uses temperature sensors to identify high levels of heat on your stove top and deal with any possible issues of smoke or fire before they happen.

Turn your regular stove into a smart stove for a fraction of the cost.

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Q & A Stovetop Shield Creator with Nadia Williams

Why did you create Stovetop Shield? What sparked the idea? In 2013, I was going to university on the bus. I realized how hard it would be to find a stop in the other direction and take the bus home to check if my stove burner was left on. I thought to myself wouldn’t it…

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Safety is peace of mind

The safety of your family and home is important, and we want you to give you peace of mind when you leave your home. We provide that with our unique smart stove monitor technology that uses temperature sensors, a camera and a phone app to identify hot spots before they become a problem. This allows you to turn your regular stove into a smart stove at a fraction of what you would pay for a brand new smart stove. Sign up for our email list list to find out when Stovetop Shield is available and give us your feedback on our product.

The facts

Two out of every five house fires start in the kitchen when food is cooking. Whether you’re multitasking while in the kitchen, leave something on the stove top, or accidentally leave the stove on when you’re not home, our product can eliminate this risk.

Stovetop Shield’s smart stove monitors will keep you safe.