Q & A Stovetop Shield Creator with Nadia Williams

Why did you create Stovetop Shield? What sparked the idea?

In 2013, I was going to university on the bus. I realized how hard it would be to find a stop in the other direction and take the bus home to check if my stove burner was left on. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if their was an app that could turn off your stove, and better still a camera that could show you what was going on in your kitchen. For example, if you left a paper bag or pot holder too close to an already hot burner. Also, if a pet kicked over a pot and a numerous other things. What a help this could be if monitored remotely.

Why did you think it is an important product for people to have?

Whether you are just forgetful, distracted, or become impaired, Stovetop Shield can help you! I told a friend about the product and she, in turn, told me about her Aunt who had become temporarily impaired when she was on a certain medication. She was alone. She had passed out at her stove top. And she caught afire. I explained that through the product someone else (with her permission) could have been monitoring her Aunt. This product can save lives.

What does safety mean to you? Is that part of the reason you decided to go with this idea?

It means being able to protect yourself and the one’s you love. That is the reason for the product. If you live in a separate or attached home (apartment, condominium, or townhouse) where fire can damage more than one unit, this is helpful product and a great gift. There are many suffering from dementia or a lapse in judgment that will benefit from this. I hope you love this product as much as I do. Welcome to Stovetop Shield safety family!

Nadia Williams is dedicated to creating a great product for every customer and is asking you to visit the contact page to answer questions via email so she can adapt Stovetop Shield to better suit your needs.